By becoming a member of the Shawano Ratepayers Incorporated not only do you become a member of a friendly and supportive community, but you also help make possible such events as Dickey Day, Legends of the Game Golf Tournament, and other events on the lake. Your membership will also include your personal, hand delivered, Loon's Call; which is published in the spring and fall. Shawano Ratepayers Inc. also helps support land owners in the Shawano area against escalating taxes, environmental issues, liaison with all levels of Government members and departments as well as taking action on other important issues such as the local mine proposals.

Membership includes: hand delivered, bi-annual, issue of The Loon's Call & the roadside sign and sticker.

It is vitally important that every landowner in Shawano join the Association. Contact the membership convenor Patti Norton at 112 Emily Street West, Newcastle, ON, L1B 1H1, phone: 905 244 5036

SRI introduced an “Associate” Membership in 2008. Individuals who wish to support SRI and participate in SRI sanctioned activities, but are not landowners in the Shawano area, may apply for an Associate Membership.

For all additional Membership information please contact Patti Norton.

Membership forms are available under the SRI (black) mailbox beside the SRI signboard at the main entrance to Shawano and included in The Loon’s Call.

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Thank you for being a Shawano member.

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