SRI Lake Stewardship Committee

Purpose:To positively influence attitudes and behaviours of all lake residents of the Shawano Ratepayers Association Inc. area (including Dickey, Lake of Islands, Lost and Perch Lakes) such that our community is aware of and engaged in processes to respect and protect the natural environment for ourselves and for our families in years to come.
Role:To consult with ratepayers and residents of the Shawano area, representatives from government agencies and non-government organizational bodies, as required to obtain pertinent environmental information for sharing. To monitor the water quality of the lakes on an annual basis and submit reports to Lake Partners Program. To create a digital resource for our community to use as a reference for stewardship of our lake.  
Composition:Volunteers as appointed or approved by the Shawano Ratepayers Board of Directors. At least one member of the Committee will be a representative of the SRI Board of Directors. The President of the SRI is a de facto member of the Committee, as per ONCA legislation. The Committee shall select a Chairperson from among its volunteers. The Committee shall select a Secretary from among its volunteers.
Term:There will be no limit to the term a volunteer may serve, either as a Chairperson or Secretary, and there will be no limit to the number of terms that may be served. If an ‘at large’ member resigns, the Committee may recommend a replacement dependent on a desired skill set, committee composition, etc.
Meetings:There will be at least six meetings per year but preferably monthly.
Reports to:Shawano Ratepayers Inc., Board of Directors

Feb. 2022