Dear Fellow SRI Members:

As previously indicated, Shawano Rate Payers Inc. is working with our neighboring Lake Associations to lobby all levels of government to stop the progression of the Pancontinental/Hastings Resources – McBride Exploration project and the potential environmental, economic and logistical impact it will have on the area of the SRI, Marmora and Lake Township and, Hastings County.

Further to this end, the SRI will be making a presentation to the Marmora and Lake Township Council on April 16th, 2019 at 6:30 p.m. The purpose of the presentation is to highlight for the council the negative environmental and economic concerns of the Exploration Project and potential resulting mine on Marmora and Lake Township, with the end goal to have the council write and approve a resolution against the exploration project proceeding any further. Furthermore, the SRI will request that the council communicate their opposition to Hastings County and the Provincial Government. We are also asking that the township lobby Hasting Council to change the economic designation of our area to eco-tourism and trail tourism and remove mineral extraction from the economic plan.

We have been allocated 15 minutes on the council agenda, so our presentation needs to be targeted and concise with the end goal in mind. Allowing for time for questions from our elected representatives, we do no have the leeway to allow for the SRI members to add additional comments or questions after the SRI presentation. We welcome members to attend for their support.

Thank you, Tim Matthewman SRI Director


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