Septic System Warning Signs

How often does one check, or have a licensed septic system contractor check the cottage septic system ? Do we all know the signs of trouble ?

Dark, sticky liquid backing up from the toilets or drains, or puddling around the septic bed is a sure sign of trouble. Also, the smell of sewage especially during rain or other damp times should be a reason for concern. Other signs such as slowly flushing toilets, slowly draining sinks and slowly draining showers should red flag a potential problem with the system. Still other signs of septic problems include a contaminated well (A high level of nitrates and bacteria when the well water is tested), algae and weed build up along the shore line, spongy, bright green grass growing over the septic’s absorption field should immediately cause serious concern.

Call a septic expert before your identified small problem turns into a big expensive problem.


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