Creating a Resilient Shoreline

The Watersheds Canada website contains valuable information for lake owners to help them understand the importance of maintaining a resilient shoreline and how to do that.

Creating a Resilient Shoreline

SRI Lake Stewardship Committee Survey Results

Please click the link below to view the survey results.

SRI Lake Stewardship Committee Survey Results
Love Your Lake

For more info on the Love Your Lake program please click the link below.

Love Your Lake Program Description
Grow Me Instead

This link will take you to an informative guide that provides information on what to plant and what not to plant in your gardens – whether at home OR at the lakeside.

Invasive species tend to be those that grow well up here – like periwinkle and lily of the valley. But they are terribly invasive; choking out natural plants and impacting the biodiversity of our lake environment.

We recommend obtaining seeds from non-invasive plants at specialized nurseries.

Take a moment each day to familiarize yourself with an Unwanted Plant versus a Grow Me Instead alternative.

Grow Me Instead Link
Septic System Warning Signs

How often does one check, or have a licensed septic system contractor check the cottage septic system ? Do we all know the signs of trouble ? Dark, sticky liquid backing up from the toilets or drains, or puddling around

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Your lakes need your help!!

In Ontario we are seeing a significant rise in some Invasive Water Species invading many lakes. In order to stop the spread of these invaders it is vital to clean your boats, trailers, canoes, kayaks, paddle boats after leaving any waterway. In addition to this, your live wells and fishing equipment. The spread of Zebra mussels, Starry Stonewort and Water Soldier are on the move so please be vigilant and clean your watercraft. Shawano members are proud members of FOCA and we all support the CLEAN -DRAIN- DRY program

Loon Friendly Lakes

Tips for boaters, cottagers and other lovers of Loons & Lakes: To many Canadians a lake is just not right unless it has loons. Their mournful wails and ear-piercing calls are true symbols of Canadian wilderness. But, the common Loon...

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Lake Trout Egg Harvesting

The Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) harvested lake trout eggs from Dickey Lake during early October, 2014. Nets were set on spawning shoals to collect spawn eggs and milt for the MNR lake trout rehabilitation project. 100 lake trout were...

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Working Around the Water

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ontario – Great Lakes area Shawano is located in the Peterborough District of Fisheries & Oceans Canada. The Peterborough District office address is 501 Towerhill Road, Unit # 102, Peterborough, Ontario, K9H 7S3.

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