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The Algonquin Land Claim covers a territory of 36,000 square kilometres in eastern Ontario that is populated by more than 1.2 million people. If successful, the negotiations will produce the province’s first modern day constitutionally protected treaty. The Algonquins of Ontario asset that they have Aboriginal rights and titles that have never been distinguished, and have continuing ownership to the Ontario portions of the Ottawa and Madawaska River watersheds and their resources.

The Algonquin Land Claim jagged boundary line comes close to Shawano, crossing highway # 62 between highway # 620 and Bancroft, then jaggedly continuing in a south easterly direction east of St. Ola and Gunter. The Shawano area has never been considered as part of the land claim.

Several years of work remain, including another stage of negotiations and consultations before a Final Agreement can be reached. Parties involved include The Government of Canada, The Government of Ontario and the Algonquin’s of Ontario. Approximately 10,000 people of Algonquin decent live in the land claim territory. They are represented by a collective called The Algonquins of Ontario and represent ten territorial communities (the Algonquin’s of Pikwakanagan First Nation, Antoine, Bancroft, Bonnechere, Greater Golden Lake, Mattawa/North Bay, Ottawa, Sharbot Obaadjiwan, Snimikobi and Whitney and area). The Province of Ontario negotiating team include Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs, Ministry of Natural Resources, Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing and Ministry of Northern Development and Mines.

The current information regarding “land”, ”resources”, “harvesting”, “parks”, key terms for a settlement and time lines is massive.

To learn about The Algonquin Land Claim contact one or more or the following or search on the world wide web (www).

Algonquins of Ontario 855 735 3759
Government of Canada 866 553 0554
Government of Ontario 855 690 7070

or write: Ontario Information Centre,
Algonquin Land Claim,
31 Riverside Drive,
Pembroke, Ontario, K8A 8R6, K8A 8R6


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