Weather Alerts, Watches & Warnings

Special Weather Statements: Events that are unusual, causing general inconvenience or public concern and cannot be adequately described in a weather forecast will be classified as a “Special Weather Statement”.

Weather Watches: Conditions favourable for storm development. A severe Thunder Storm Watch indicates the potential for severe thunder storms with heavy rain, hail, strong lightning, damaging winds and possible tornadoes. Secure loose items, provide safety for your family and be prepared to take action. A Tornado Watch is issued for severe thunderstorms with the potential to spawn twisters.

Warnings: Severe weather is occurring or is imminent. A severe thunderstorm warning means a storm has already developed one or more of the following conditions: flooding rain, destructive winds with gusts greater than 90 km/h, hail of at least 10 – 20 mm in diameter, or intense lightning. A tornado warning means tornadoes have been sighted on the ground or by Doppler Radar. Take immediate safe shelter.

Source: Environment Canada


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