Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ontario – Great Lakes area

Shawano is located in the Peterborough District of Fisheries & Oceans Canada. The Peterborough District office address is 501 Towerhill Road, Unit # 102, Peterborough, Ontario, K9H 7S3. Telephone: 705 750 0269

Fish need healthy places to live, feed and reproduce. The places that supply fish with their requirements for food, shelter, water, reproduction and growth over their life cycle are called fish habitat. For most fish species, these activities usually occur in near shore areas. Therefore, the area along a shoreline in important for fish habitat.

To ensure that fish habitat is protected, your local and Provincial regulatory authorities, Parks Canada Agency and Fisheries & Oceans Canada all have legal requirements we need to be aware of before starting any work project near the shoreline.

For most shoreline area work projects a work permit is required before starting the project. Whether applying for Provincial or Federal work permit approvals, you may be asked for specific information about your proposed work project.

Federal legislation with implications for work in and around water in the Shawano area you need to check “The Fisheries Act”. Provincial legislation with implications for work in and around the water include: “The Public Lands Act”, “The Lake & Rivers Improvement Act”, and “The Conservation Authorities Act”.

The first contact for approvals and permits in Ontario is the local Conservation Authority, in the case of Shawano, the Crowe Valley Conservation Authority.70 Hughes Lane, Marmora, Ontario, K0K 2M0 Telephone: 613 472 3137


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