Hazardous Plants

How to Recognize an Unhealthy Tree

How often have we actually inspected trees on our cottage & home lots ? Trees tend to be big & strong, so many people overlook them assuming all is well. But trees are susceptible to damage and disease, so if...

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Working Around the Water

Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ontario – Great Lakes area Shawano is located in the Peterborough District of Fisheries & Oceans Canada. The Peterborough District office address is 501 Towerhill Road, Unit # 102, Peterborough, Ontario, K9H 7S3...

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Climate Change: At Our Cottage & Everywhere

How often does one check, or have a licensed septic system contractor check the cottage septic system ? Do we all know the signs of trouble ? Dark, sticky liquid backing up from the toilets or drains, or puddling around

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Safety Tips for Yard, Basement and Garage

Whether we are a resident or seasonal cottage, working on the lakefront lot, in the basement or garage is sometimes necessary and often enjoyable. But, working in these areas require extra safety precautions. Here are a few tips to help

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