All Terrain Vehicle Enjoyment (ATV-ing)

The North Hastings area has beautiful and varied terrain. Much of the breathtaking scenery is not accessible by automobile. A great way to explore many areas is by ATV. The groomed Hastings Heritage Trail extends from north to south for over 100 km.( from Glen Ross in the south to Lake St. Peter in the north) and has a multitude of rugged feeder tails to enhance your experience.

All terrain vehicles have become safer and more environmentally sensitive and comfortable over the past few years. More families and groups of friends are finding the ATV experience to be friendly, adventuresome and exhilarating.

Here a few TIPS for a safe and enjoyable experience:
  • Know your ATV (understand all operational features, safety check the ATV before every ride, take a Rider’s course).
  • Know all of the Provincial, County and Local Laws regarding ATV riding.
  • Carry all required documents: Registration, insurance, all necessary permits, personal identification including driver license.
  • Adhere to the local By-Laws (where is it legal to ride and speed limits)
  • Dress appropriately: Wear a safety approved helmet at all times while riding, wear eye protection, you may wish to choose leg, feet and arm/hand protection too.
  • Carry safety equipment & a good cell phone & a good GPS (the phone and GPS will work in many off-road areas)
  • Respect the Trails & Private Property: Only ride on private property with explicit permission. Stay on the main trails. Take nothing from nature and return with EVERYTHING you took for the ride.

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