Shawano Ratepayers Inc. work hard to provide sanctioned activities for all home & cottage owners on Dickey Lake, Lost Lake, Perch Lake, Lake of Islands, and the immediate surrounding “Shawano” area.

Some of the services provided by Shawano Ratepayers Inc. include:

  • Insurance coverage for all sanctioned events
  • Dickey Day
  • Events including Golf Tournament, and Dickey Day
  • Liaison with Marmora & Lake Township Council
  • Liaison with County and Provincial officials
  • Liaison with the Federation of Ontario Cottagers Association
  • Environmental Protection Issues
  • Lake water quality testing
  • Providing and maintaining the SRI information Sign Board
  • Lobby for Lake front Tax reform
  • Internet site
  • The Loon’s Call news letter
  • Welcome package for new owners
  • Developing a Historical record for “Shawano”
  • Other issues investigated and acted upon as required

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